Published Papers

“Infant Mortality and the Repeal of Federal Prohibition.”
Economic Journal 131(639), 2021: 2955-2983. (With Krishna Pendakur and Hitoshi Shigeoka)

“Dry Bulk Shipping and the Evolution of Maritime Transport Costs, 1850-2020.”
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[Invited submission for special issue]

“Trade and Immigration, 1870-2010.”
In The Cambridge Economic History of the Modern World, vol. II, edited by S. Broadberry and K. Fukao. Cambridge: CUP, 2021. (With John P. Tang)

“What Drives Commodity Price Booms and Busts?”
Energy Economics 85, 2020: Article 104035. (With Martin Stuermer)
[Invited submission for special issue]

“Trade Blocs and Trade Wars during the Interwar Period.”
Asian Economic Policy Review 15(1), 2020: 119-136. (With Dennis Novy)
[Invited submission for special issue]

“From Boom to Bust: A Typology of Real Commodity Prices in the Long Run.”
Cliometrica 13(2), 2019: 201-220.

“The First Great Trade Collapse: The Short- and Long-Run Effects of World War I on International Trade.”
In The Economics of World War I: A Centennial Perspective, edited by S. Broadberry and M. Harrison. London: CEPR Press, 2018.

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“Revisiting the Effective Rate of Protection in the Late Stages of Chinese Industrialization.”
The World Economy 40(2), 2017: 424-438. (With Bo Chen and Hong Ma)
[Invited submission for special issue]

“Defying Gravity: The Imperial Economic Conference and the Reorientation of Canadian Trade.”
Explorations in Economic History 53(1), 2014: 19-39.

“Filling the Eastern European Gap in Millennium-long Temperature Reconstructions.”
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110(5), 2013: 1773-1778.
(With Ulf Büntgen, Tomás Kyncl, Christian Ginzler, Jan Esper, Willy Tegel, Karl-Uwe Heussner, and Josef Kyncl)

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Economics Letters 117(1), 2012: 243-246. (With Bo Chen)

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