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“Urban Mortality and the Repeal of Federal Prohibition.”
Explorations in Economic History 89, 2023: 101529. (With Krishna Pendakur and Hitoshi Shigeoka)

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“Infant Mortality and the Repeal of Federal Prohibition.”
Economic Journal 131(639), 2021: 2955-2983. (With Krishna Pendakur and Hitoshi Shigeoka)

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“Dry Bulk Shipping and the Evolution of Maritime Transport Costs, 1850-2020.”
Australian Economic History Review 61, 2021: 204-227. (With Martin Stuermer)

Freights, fuel prices, tonnage, and world economic activity, 1879-2020
Real dry bulk freight rate index, 1850-2020

“Trade and Immigration, 1870-2010.”
In The Cambridge Economic History of the Modern World, vol. II, 2021. (With John P. Tang)

Immigrant flows into settler economies, 1870-2010
Immigrant stocks in the US, 1870-2010
Immigrant stocks in 20 countries, 1960-2010
World and regional exports, 1870-2010
Regional shares of world exports, 1870-2010
Country shares of regional exports, 1870-2010
Composition of trade (M vs P), 1880-2010

“What Drives Commodity Price Booms and Busts?”
Energy Economics 85, 2020: Article 104035. (With Martin Stuermer)

Global GDP, commodity prices, and commodity production, 1850-2015

“From Boom to Bust: A Typology of Real Commodity Prices in the Long Run.”
Cliometrica 13(2), 2019: 201-220.

Real commodity prices, 1850-2015
Trend-cycle decomposition of real commodity prices, 1850-2015
Real commodity booms and busts, 1850-2015

“Market Potential and Global Growth over the Long Twentieth Century.”
Journal of International Economics 114, 2018: 221-237. (With Dennis Novy)

Bilateral trade, 51 countries, 1910-2010
Market access versus market potential, 51 countries, 1910-2010
Wage equation regressions – data
Wage equation regressions – do file

“Defying Gravity: The Imperial Economic Conference and the Reorientation of Canadian Trade.”
Explorations in Economic History 53(1), 2014: 19-39.

Stata dataset for Tables 1a through 4b
Do file for Tables 1a through 4b
Stata dataset for Table 5
Do file for Table 5
Canadian bilateral trade by sector, 1925-1939, monthly

“Trade, Variety, and Immigration.”
Economics Letters 117(1), 2012: 243-246. (With Bo Chen)

Stata dataset
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“Commodity Market Disintegration in the Interwar Period.”
European Review of Economic History 16(2), 2012: 119-143. (With William Hynes and Kevin H. O’Rourke)

Commodity prices, 1913, 1922-1938, weekly

“Commodity Price Volatility and World Market Integration since 1700.”
Review of Economics and Statistics 93(3), 2011: 800-813. (With Kevin H. O’Rourke and Jeffrey G. Williamson)

Britain, commodity prices, 1790-1850, monthly
Britain, commodity prices, 1850-1950, annual
Denmark, commodity prices, 1750-1850, monthly
England, commodity prices, 1700-1869, annual
IMF commodity prices, 1980-2008, monthly
Netherlands, commodity prices, 1750-1800, monthly
Philadelphia, commodity prices, 1720-1775, monthly
Philadelphia, commodity prices, 1770-1790, monthly
Philadelphia, commodity prices, 1784-1861, monthly
Philadelphia, commodity prices, 1852-1896, monthly
UNCTAD, commodity prices, 1960-2007, monthly
United States, export prices, 1879-1963, quarterly

“Nominal Rigidities and Retail Price Dispersion in Canada over the Twentieth Century.”
Canadian Journal of Economics 44(3), 2011: 749-780. (With Ross D. Hickey)

Canadian retail prices, 1910-1950, monthly
Canadian retail prices, 1910-1950, quarterly
Canadian retail prices, 1972-1993, quarterly

“Foreign Wars, Domestic Markets: England, 1793-1815.”
European Review of Economic History 15(2), 2011: 277-311.

Stata dataset
Do file

“Trade Booms, Trade Busts, and Trade Costs.”
Journal of International Economics 83(2), 2011: 185-201. (With Chris M. Meissner and Dennis Novy)

Stata dataset
Do file
UN Economic and Social Commission Asia-Pacific update of Jacks-Meissner-Novy trade cost measure, 2000-2009
World Bank update of Jacks-Meissner-Novy trade cost measure for agriculture and manufactured goods, 1995-2010

“Global Trade and the Maritime Transport Revolution.”
Review of Economics and Statistics 92(4), 2010: 745-755. (With Krishna Pendakur)

Stata dataset
Do file
UK bilateral trade (all available pairs), 1870-1913
Global freight rates, 1869-1913

“Trade Costs in the First Wave of Globalization.”
Explorations in Economic History 47(2), 2010: 127-141. (With Chris M. Meissner and Dennis Novy)

Stata dataset
Do file
French trade, 17 countries, 1870-1913
UK trade, 17 countries, 1870-1913
US trade, 17 countries, 1870-1913

“On the Death of Distance and Borders: Evidence from the Nineteenth Century.”
Economics Letters 105(3), 2009: 230-233.

Stata dataset
Do file

“Stuck on Gold: Real Exchange Rate Volatility and the Rise and Fall of the Gold Standard, 1875-1939.”
Journal of International Economics 77(2), 2009: 195-205. (With Natalia Chernyshoff and Alan M. Taylor)

Stata dataset
Do file

“Populists versus Theorists: Futures Markets and the Volatility of Prices.”
Explorations in Economic History 44(2), 2007: 342-362.

Commodity spot-price data and sources, 1854-1990

“Coal and the Industrial Revolution, 1700-1869.”
European Review of Economic History 11(1), 2007: 39-72. (With Gregory Clark)

Coal leases, 1727-1864
Tables 1 through 10

“New Results on the Tariff-Growth Paradox.”
European Review of Economic History 10(2), 2006: 205-230.

Stata dataset for Tables 2 through 4
Stata dataset for Table 5
Stata dataset for Tables 6 through 8
Stata dataset for Table 9
Stata dataset for Appendix Tables A.1 through A.4

“What Drove Nineteenth Century Commodity Market Integration?”
Explorations in Economic History 43(3), 2006: 383-412.

Monthly wheat prices, 102 American & European cities, 1800-1913
Stata dataset
Appendix I: Diagnostic Statistics
Appendix II: Data Coverage and Sources
Appendix III: Explanatory Variable Sources

“Intra- and International Commodity Market Integration in the Atlantic Economy, 1800-1913.”
Explorations in Economic History 42(3), 2005: 381-413.

Monthly wheat prices, 102 American & European cities, 1800-1913
Point estimates and standard errors of trade costs and speeds of price adjustment